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Welcome to Elektrodepo

Meet the professional company in the country concerned about your health and safety at work, providing for you:

  • Precision measurement with updated and most sophisticated instruments and technology in the region;

  • Risk assessment by professional and qualified engineers, and above all with many years of experience in this field;

  • Drafting and design of documentation - studies on safety at work and evacuation plans by qualified engineers;

  • Examination and verification by a professional staff of all data received and delivered;

  • Ready to face any terrain.

  • For us the customer is always in the first place ...


  • Our MissionOur mission is safety and health of each employee during the working process. We always aim to avoid employee injuries, because every worker's impairment is a loss for the company in which the employee works. Therefore, we want you to understand that the safety of the employee and his health is the basis of your profit, and it has become our mission, which we earnestly try to accomplish.

  • Our VisionOur company is always working to avoid uncertainty and consequences the employees may have during the working process, so our vision is to be synonymous of safety of employees at the workplace.

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